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Photo Credit: Franklin & Marshall College
Office of Communications/Deb Grove

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I provide workplace training and consulting on socially just practice, with a special focus on race relations and racial justice. I can provide workshops alone or bring in other consultants with whom I partner in order to provide inter-racial teams. I combine theory with activities that engage participants. A partial list of my clients includes Washington State Department of Health & Human Resources, the YMCA, Commonwealth Corporation, Seattle Public Schools,  City of Seattle, MIT, UC Davis School of Nursing.

Approach: My race-relations sessions take an anti-racist approach. An anti-racist approach includes: acknowledging and challenging the historic and current power differentials between people of color and white people, addressing the patterns that develop due to the dynamics of internalized racism and internalized dominance, building processes and norms that are designed to be vigilant about these patterns. I make sure to: (1) set a constructive climate for learning through role-modeling and use of self, (2) take into account the groups’ diversity and how that diversity impacts the group’s dynamics, (3) balance the intellectual with the emotional components of learning, and (4) make learning resources available. In addition to content knowledge, my expertise is in presenting information that is difficult or emotionally charged clearly and accessibly. My primary goal is always to deepen skills and relationships among team members and between social groups.

Sample Agenda

  • Provide a shared framework for differentiating between: prejudice, discrimination, and systematic racism
  • Understand the basic dynamics of current race relations in the U.S.
  • Examine the concept of whiteness and white racial socialization
  • Identify and make everyday patterns of whiteness recognizable
  • Recognize common barriers to bridging racial divides and introduce the skills necessary for bridging them
  • Recognize the above as an on-going process and build motivation to continue
  • Identify resources for supporting the work of racial equity

This agenda can be customized to meet your specific needs. I can also support you in sustaining the work in your organization via film showings, lunch time discussions, creating caucus groups, development of a Change Team, etc.

Formats:  I provide sessions ranging from 2-4 hours to 1-3 full days, depending on your need. I recommend that all sessions be supported by follow-up training in order to reinforce learning and convey leadership commitment to the training goals.